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This research guide provides links to resources on Ukraine including government information, maps, news events, and local NYC resources. The guide includes instructions on how to find books, videos, and articles for your research.

Streaming Media - Documentaries, Films, Videos

Academic Video Online (AVON) - Steps to Finding Videos

  1. Go to the library website - the Databases tabGo to Choose database by title.
  2. Click the "A" for Academic Video Online.
  3. For off-campus access enter your CUNY Login Credentials.
  4. Enter keywords in the Search bar (e.g. Ukraine war 2022) and search.
  5. Look for video of interest and choose it.
  6. Transcript tab provides text of the spoken words in the video.
  7. Details tab provides an abstract and more information about video.
  8.  Email yourself a video by choosing the Share icon , Copy Permalink, Copy, insert link in an email and send to yourself.
  9. The quotations icon provides APA, Chicago and MLA citation formats.
  10. Further Search Tips in Academic Video Online -

War In Ukraine: An Unfolding Refugee Crisis

NOTE: To view videos login to AVON with your CUNY login credentials -

More Companies Are Cutting Ties with Russia Amid Ukraine War

War In Ukraine: Are Sanctions Working?