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Library Resources for Professor Ning Chen's Class: Books


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Lehman eLibrary

Ebrary Books

The Library has a growing collection of e-books on many topics. Ebrary is one source to access e-books.  One can search by title or author. One can also click on the category "Business & Economics" which will generate a list of books. Additional subject headings are provided to enable one to focus the search to specific areas.

e-Reference Books

The Library has e-reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks) that can provide basic definitions or an overview on a research topic.

Try the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

It allows one to search all the content in the Gale collection. One can also click on the BUSINESS category to see what books are included in the search and limit the search to a particular book.

 Try Oxford Reference Online for definitions of terms.

Through Oxford, utilized specialized dictionaries such as:

A Dictionary of Accounting

A Dictionary of Business and Management

A Dictionary of Business Research Methods

A Dictionary of Finance and Banking

A Dictionary of Marketing


Credit Suisse Publications: International Finance & Economics

EBSCO eBook Academic Collection

Recently Acquired eBooks

These books can be searched and checked out using either OneSearch or through the Lehman eLibrary search page:

Recently-acquired eBooks:

Bouchoux, D. E. (2006). Protecting your company's intellectual property: A practical guide to trademarks, copyrights, patents & trade secrets.

Fairhurst, D. S. (2015). Using Excel for business analysis: A guide to financial modelling fundamentals.

Hession, J. (2015). Women in the modern workplace: Gender barriers to business start-ups.

House, J. S. (2012). A telescope on society: Survey research and social science at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Lauchman, R. (2008). Plain style: Techniques for simple, concise, emphatic business writing.

Legrain, P. (2007). Immigrants: Your country needs them.

Lin, J. Y. (2014). The quest for prosperity: How developing economies can take off.

Masterson, M. (2012). The reluctant entrepreneur: Turning dreams into profits.

Stigum, B. P. (2014). Econometrics in a formal science of economics: Theory and the measurement of economic relations.

Thiel, P. A., & Masters, B. (2014). Zero to one: Notes on startups, or how to build the future.

Walle, A. H. (2015). Qualitative research in business: A practical overview.

World Bank, & IMF. (2015). Global monitoring report, 2015/2016: Development goals in an era of demographic change.

World Bank. (2015). Little green data book 2015.