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Writing Research Papers

Information Literacy Goals

For a great overview of the following abilities we hope you'll cultivate while studying at Lehman College, please watch Inform Your Thinking, a series of videos produced by Oklahoma State University.

Learners who are developing their information literate abilities do the following:

  • Consider research as open-ended exploration and engagement with information
  • Appreciate that a question may appear to be simple but still disruptive and important to research
  • Value intellectual curiosity in developing questions and learning new investigative methods
  • Maintain an open mind and a critical stance
  • Value persistence, adaptability, and flexibility and recognize that ambiguity can benefit the research process
  • Seek multiple perspectives during information gathering and assessment
  • Seek appropriate help when needed
  • Follow ethical and legal guidelines in gathering and using information
  • Demonstrate intellectual humility (i.e., recognize their own intellectual or experiential limitations)

Source: ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education; Research As Inquiry Dispositions