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Writing Research Papers

Finding Sources - Overview

The main ways to find information sources for your research paper via the library's website is to use the OneSearch (it's like the Google of the library) or our databases. A database is a just a place that gathers together information from many sources so that you can search across that information and retrieve it. The OneSearch is like a database, except it helps you find a lot of different kinds of sources all at once. Explore this website from Baruch College that presents an overview of how OneSearch works. You can search the OneSearch using the keywords and search terms you developed earlier right here in this guide or head over to our library's website and start there.

Following the OneSearch box, you'll find links to some useful databases as well as some additional tutorials to help get you started. Explore the databases using your keywords and search terms.

Once you start looking for sources, if you have any questions or need help, chat with us. A link can be found in the "Get Help!" section of this guide.


Advanced Search What am I searching?




Multidisciplinary Databases

Below are databases you can use to search for scholarly and popular artIcles:

For Popular (and some scholarly) articles, start with MasterFile Complete and Readers' Guide Full Text.

For Scholarly articles with a mix of popular articles, start with Academic Search Complete.

Consult the Library Research Guides to find Databases on the subject you are researching:

Here are some tutorials for these common databases to help get you started using them:

Academic Search Complete Tutorial - - Note: The layout and functionality of Academic Search Complete is similar to Readers' Guide Full Text and Masterfile Complete.

Google Scholar Tutorial -

JSTOR Tutorial -

Literature and Humanities Sources

These databases are particularly good for research literature and humanities topics:

Newspaper Articles

Databases through New York Public Library (with Library Card)