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Human Library at Lehman College: Human Library at Lehman College

Sponsored by the Leonard Lief Library, The Human Library event brings together the Lehman College Community to enhance student experience on our diverse campus through peers sharing their own stories of inspiration, resilience, and breaking barriers while

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Human Library at Lehman College 

Leonard Lief Library offers its first Human Library™ event on November 16, 2017 from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM in the Library Gallery.  We refer to it as the Human Library™ since human beings become the "books" students can check out and "read." Those who volunteer to become books agree to challenge stereotypes, prejudice, assumptions, and bias through respectful conversation with fellow students. Volunteers can perhaps be survivors who have previously experienced struggle, hardship, prejudice, trauma, or being misunderstood. 

The goal for this special event is to create a safe space for books and readers to conduct a respectful discussion by learning about others from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas: a refreshing activity during these disquieting times. Our hope is to foster connections to promote a broader understanding of students' circumstances and how resilient they can be. 

For the event, each volunteer "book" will inhabit a station where they are allowed up to a 30-minute "reading" or conversation about their experiences and responses to readers' questions. Our intention is for participants to successfully broaden their perspective and deepen appreciation for the rich diversity of our campus community. We're proud that this constitutes the first iteration of the Human Library™ in New York City.  

The Human Library™,, originated in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on the Human Library at Lehman College please contact event coordinator Rebecca Arzola, and see