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Faculty Workshop – Copyright and Creative Commons for OER

Lesson Plan

Part I – Essentials of Copyright and Creative Commons - 30 minutes

  1. Introduction
    1. OER is based on the 5 Rs:
    2. Sharing involves attribution and licensing your own work and the work of others
  2. What do you need to know about Copyright?
    1. Short video:
    2. Educator’s Guide:
  3. Open Access and Public Domain
    1. Show LibGuide:
    2. What is in the Public Domain?
  4. Creative Commons Licenses
    1. What CC Licenses do:
    2. Short Video on Types of CC Licenses:
  5. Images and Videos
    1. Searching Google for Creative Commons licensed materials:
    2. YouTube Video licenses:
  6. Licensed Library Subscriptions
    1. Giving Students the right to use copyrighted materials the Library has paid for
    2. LibGuide on Linking to library subscription databases: