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ENG 111 - SPRING 2019 - Climate Change & Global Migration (Cambridge)

LibGuide for Professor Cambridge's ENG 111 Spring 2019 class


                                       * Photo from GoMagazine

What's a zine?
Zines are small, self-published magazines that are usually [though not always] written by one person and distributed through an intricate network of individuals and collectives. … Zines can be about diversity, creativity, innovation, and expression.” [i]

Why make a zine?

1. Because it's an inexpensive way to create and express what you have to say!Because it's one way of sharing and building a community.
2. Because zines can influence and engage people into having a conversation
3. Zines can showcase multiple perspectives of diversity
‚Äč4. Because zines can act as a form of social justice and activism

[i]Bartel, J. [2004].From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library. Chicago: American Library