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IBA 135: Careers & Occupations

Article Databases

To find articles on your career in the database below, try entering

           vocational guidance
AND [career]

where [career] is the career of your choice. For example, if you're interested in dentistry, type:

           vocational guidance
AND dentist*

The asterisk (*) at the end of the word "dentist" will look for all words that begin with "dentist": dentist, dentists, dentistry, etc.

E-Resources from Off-Campus

From off-campus, Lehman users will be prompted to log into databases, e-journals, e-books, and other subscription resources via their Library Barcode.

Need Help?
To login, enter your barcode without spaces or dashes. The barcode is located on the front of your ID Card:

Lehman College student ID

Your barcode must be activated in the CUNY library system.
Your account must not have any outstanding fines.
To activate your barcode, visit your Library’s Circulation Desk.

To report a problem, please fill out the following form report a technical problem

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Video Tutorial on Business Databases