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SOC 300 Conroy

SOC 300: The Sociological Imagination


SOC 300: The Sociological Imagination

Thomas Conroy -

Bibliography Assignment 

Step 1

Possible topics - choose one of these and have it guide your selection of sources:

  1. Neo-liberalism or neoliberalism
  2. Occupy Wall Street
  3. Protest Movements  
  4. Global Capitalism  
  5. Corporations  
  6. Social Movements                     
  7. The Sociology of Knowledge  
  8. Class conflict


Step 2

Find for your selected topic:

1.Two books (one written prior to 2000, one written after 2000)

2.One book review, from 2000-2014

3. One data set/government report from 2006-2014

4. Three scholarly articles (one should have been published no earlier than 2010)

5.Two news articles from (2011-2015)                                          

6.One blog entry from 2013 or 2014                                                                                                                                                  


Step 3

Note: Attach the first pages of each document.


Step 4

Compile a reference page using ASA style of your documents

For items 2-5, you should include an annotation