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Journalism and Communications: Books

Books from Lehman's Catalog

Tips for Finding Books

1. Search for books across all of CUNY & request them via CLICS.

2. Combine keywords & look for subject terms:

3. Call ranges for Journalism are PN4699 - 5650

Call ranges for Broadcasting, Radio and Mass Media are PN 1990 - 1992

4. Make use of the NYPL. You can search the catalog at:

5. Check our electronic book collections:


Finding Books at Lehman & CUNY Libraries

Go to:  Library website 
  • Select field by clicking on pull down arrow:

catalog search


  • Click on "Advanced Search" :
    • to search multiple fields (e.g. title and author)
    • Search ALL CUNY or LIMIT to Lehman
    • Option to LIMIT by Date or type of material.


Browse the Stacks

Journalism, communications and media books are located on the 3rd Floor, North side of the building.

The Library of Congress has developed classifications for all subjects.  These "classes" or "subject headings" are your roadmap for finding items in the Lehman College Library.

The subject of journalism is a "sub-class" of a larger class.  In this case,  Class P Language and Literature is the main class with most of the Jouranlism items located in subclass PN:

  • PN 4699 - 5650    Journalism, the press etc.
  • PN 4775 - 4748    Liberty of the press
  • PN 4775 - 4784   Techniques, practical journalism
  • PN 4825 - 4830   Amateur journalism
  • PN 4840 - 5648   Journalism by region or country

Related subjects on broadcast and media are located:

  • PN 1990 - 1992


Using WorldCat & ILL

You can locate books at most academic and public libraries around the world through WorldCat.

If you find a book not available in CUNY or the NYPL, we can write you a pass to go to another major university library in the city that may have it.

FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS: Double check the library's catalog to make sure the item you want is not available in CUNY. Then make your request using our automated interlibrary loan service: ILLIAD

Useful Search Terms

Use these terms as starting points when searching for books on the topic of journalim, communications and the media:

  • Broadcast journalism
  • Ethnic journalism
  • Journalists and biography
  • Mass communications
  • Mass media
  • Minorities and media
  • Multimedia journalism
  • New media
  • Print journalism
  • Production and direction
  • Radio journalism
  • Reporters and reporting
  • Sports journalism
  • Television broadcasting
  • Television journalis
  • Women in journalism