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eBooks: Reading and Downloading

This guide will teach you how navigate, read, and download books from the Library's subscription e-book providers.

What is a permalink?

permalink is a link that will always take you to an electronic resource. All of our library eBooks have a permalink that students can email themselves to come back to the book at a later time without having to search for it again.

Note to faculty: If you are embedding an eBook link in your Blackboard course, it is very important to use the eBook's permalink to ensure your students will no have problems accessing the book.

Below are instructions for locating the permalinks in our two main eBook platforms.

Ebook Central - Permalink

To find the permalink for an eBook in Ebook Central (ProQuest) follow the instructions below. 

Faculty: You can embed the permalink into Blackboard or include it in your syllabus. 

Screenshot of where to locate ebook permalink in Ebook Central.

A popup window will open up where you can copy the permalink.

Screenshot of pop up window with permalink in Ebook Central.

EBSCO Host - Permalink

The image below shows how to find the permalink in ESCOHost eBooks

Screenshot of permalink location in EbscoHost