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Health Sciences: Understanding Citation Styles


This research guide will help you understand citation style guidelines.

The APA Style Guide hand-out is available on the APA Citation Style Guide page and at the Reference Desk.

    Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a fantastic resource for information about citation styles. It also includes extensive tips on writing for college and job applications.


    Bibliography: A list of works written by an author or group of authors

    Works Cited: An alphabetical list of resources including books, articles, web resources and others, that have been quoted, paraphrased or mentioned in an assignment

    Citation: The action of citing or quoting any words or written passage

    Quote: A brief excerpt from a passage

    Paraphrase: A rewording of something that has been written or spoken by someone else

    Video: Understanding Citation Styles

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    Citation Q & A

    Q. What is a Citation?

    A. A citation is a reference to a work.

    Q. Why do I need to cite works in my assignment?

    A. You need to cite a work to attribute a quote, idea or any information retrieved from the original author or creator.

    Avoiding Plagiarism