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LEH 301 / Boone

This guide along with the LEH 301 library workshop is aimed at giving an overview of the library's resources for your assignment.

Search Terms & Keywords

Use different search terms and keywords to search for books or articles.

  • Religion(s)
  • World Religions
  • World Faiths
    • Encyclopedia religions
    • Dictionary religion
    • Christianity origins
    • Denominations
    • Christian denominations
    • Shaker history
    • Taoism beliefs
    • Baha'i or Bahai
    • 7th Day Adventists or Seventh Day Adventists


          Search by Country

          You can also search by country or region and see what religions are practiced in various places.

          • China religion(s)
          • United States religion(s)
          • Caribbean religions


          Oral Presentation-List of Religions