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Test Prep for Educational, Civil Service, Vocational and Career Exams

Test Prep

This libguide was created to help you find test preparation eBooks, interactive lessons, and timed practice tests to help you get familiar with test taking for graduate admissions, career, military, vocational, and foundational skills.

The HETS Test & Career Books app, located in Lehman 360, has Educational, Civil Service and Vocational Exams temporarily. 

Lehman is no longer subscribing to HETS. You can contact HETS directly at for temporary access to the databases. Use your Lehman email address. Practice for the GRE, NCLEX, SAT, LSAT and more.

Search Example | Civil Service (General)

Civil Service Exam Test Prep (General)

  1. Begin at Lehman College -
  2. Click Login 
  3. Click LEHMAN 360
  4. Enter your Lehman Username and Password
  5. Login
  6. Choose Lehman One Access 
  7. Choose My Apps
  8. Scroll to the group of apps called Other Resources
  9. Click HETS Online Test Prep & Career Center 
  10. When off-campus enter lehman1227.
  11. Click Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test Prep 
  12. Create an account at New User Signup, required to view all test preps.
  13. Search by keyword, for example enter: Civil Service