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Scopus Research Metrics

Article Metrics

Document-level metrics quantify the reach and impact of published research. Scopus integrates data from PlumX Metrics as the primary source of its article-level metrics, along with traditional measures (such as citations) to present a richer and more comprehensive picture of an individual article’s impact. 

Metrics include:

  • Citations in Scopus
  • Views Count
  • PlumX (see below for more details)

With Scopus document metrics, you can:

  • See citation overviews
  • Create graphs
  • Compare citation counts
  • Link to citing documents 

FWCI (field-weighted citation impact) considers variations in research and citation behavior across disciplines and facilitates benchmarking among disciplines.

It is the number of citations received by a document divided by the expected number of citations for similar documents in the same field of research.

Citation benchmarking calculates how citations for this article compare with the average for similar articles in the same field.