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Selecting Quality Journals for Academic Publishing: Workshop

This guide supports the Predatory Publishing workshop on the Lehman College Campus (February 26, 2016). Access the video of the Workshop via the Workshop Tab/Page.

Description of the Selecting Quality Journals Workshop

Predatory Journals/Selecting High Quality Journals Workshop:  February 26th, 2016

Watch the video of the presentations via the link above.

Presentations addressed the topic of predatory journals and suggested ways in which faculty can identify authentic and quality academic publishing venues for submission of their own research.  Immediately following the presentation in the Media Technology Center, there was a hands-on workshop

Monica Berger, Associate Professor, Ursula Schwerin Library, New York City College of Technology (and co-author of  “Beyond Beall’s List: Better Understanding Predatory Publishers”), and Megan Wacha, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Office of Library Services, CUNY presented on February 26th.   The event was sponsored by the Provost’s Office of Academic Affairs with the assistance of the Lehman College Library.