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Undergraduate Education: Early Childhood and Childhood

Welcome to the Theories and Theorists Tutorial

Hello students.

The videos and activities below have been created to help you find educational theorists information for your assignments. You will learn how to use a reference eBook database to find overview information on your theorists and/or theory, OneSearch to find books and articles, databases to find articles by and about your theorists, and Google Scholar to find articles and books by and about your theorist.

The Theories and Theorists section is in this guide. You can link to it directly here:

Good luck with your research. Feel free to email me ( with any questions.

With warm regards,

Alison Lehner-Quam

Education Librarian

How to Find Information on Educational Theorists

The "Finding Reference Articles in Gale Ebooks" video will help you navigate the Gale Ebooks database to find reference articles on your education theorist and/or theory. You will learn how to email articles to yourself and how to mine the bibliographies for additional resources.

The "Finding Educational Theorist Articles and Books in OneSearch" video you will learn how to find articles, books and other media in the library's OneSearch discovery tool. You will learn how to filter your search results to locate ebooks, articles, and books by and about your theorist.

The "Searching Theorists in EBSCO Databases" video below provides tips for using the Boolean AND operator to focus your search on your theorist as well as the theory. It also features information on using the Guide links to search for articles by your theorist as well as articles about your theorist.

You can also look at the Search Strategies and Tips document at the bottom of the page for more search tips.

When you access Google Scholar from a Lehman Library site you will find articles that are linked to the Lehman databases. Look for the Find Fulltext at Lehman link in the right column. Google Scholar is a helpful way to access articles from multiple databases in a single search.

Search Strategies

This document provides information on using AND and OR to improve your search. It also provides tips on phrase searching using quotation marks.