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Linking to Library (Subscription) E-Resources

Linking to Articles in OneSearch

In order to link to an item from OneSearch you will need:

  • the permalink (a stable URL) for each item

Permalinks generated by OneSearch automatically ensure that all links you create will be routed through the Library's proxy server to permit off-campus access by your students.

  1. When looking at an item record in OneSearch, click on More options to show the Permalink icon, and then click on it and copy it. Paste Permalink URL into Blackboard Course site.



Linking to Articles in JSTOR

To add a direct link to an article from JSTOR into Blackboard you will need your campus’s proxy server URL and the stable URL of the article from JSTOR.

  • Proxy Server URL
  • Stable URL from JSTOR

Step 1. Lehman College's Proxy Server URL is: To find additional CUNY campus Proxy Server URL's go to:

Step 2. To find the stable URL from JSTOR, locate the JSTOR article. Above the article under the bibliographic information it should be listed. It will look like this: Once you have these two URL’s you will put them together with no spaces and then place that continuous link in Blackboard as the full text link to the article.

PROXY URL                                                     STABLE URL


Example link for Lehman College:

Linking to Articles in LexisNexis

To find the Permalink in LexisNexis, first click on the Copy Document Link widget; then, in the pop-up window right click on the article's title and select Copy Link Location.