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SNHU: Outreach in U.S. Academic Libraries: General Library Outreach Activites

General Library Outreach Information

This page provides links to various documents associated with the Library's general outreach activities.

Library Newsletter: Biblio-Tech

Each Fall and Spring semester a new newsletter is published.

Here are links to the Leonard Lief Library Newsletter, Biblio-Tech.

Collection Development Events

Each Fall and Spring semester one Collection Development Meeting is held.

Here are links to the Leonard Lief Library Collection Development Meetings fliers

Library Reading Series

Each Fall and Spring semester at least two Reading Series Events are held.

Here are links to the Leonard Lief Library Reading Series Event fliers.

Annual Faculty Publciations Event

The Annual Faculty Publications Event is held once a year during the Spring semster.

Here are links to some Annual Faculty Publications Booklets.


The library uses Facebook to share information about library events.

Here is the link to our Facebook page.


The library uses Twitter to provide short timely Library updates.

Here are our 6 most recent posts and a link to our Twitter page.

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