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BBA 407 Library Assignment: Home

Assignment-specific Guide for BBA407

Assignment Instructions

The following assignment is to be completed before coming to the Library Instruction class.

The Assignment Worksheet and Instructions are posted on BlackBoard.

Submit the Assignment Worksheet on BlackBoard to be graded as Completed.

1. Watch the Video Tutorial below on Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier (approx. 7.5 minutes)

   If you have technical difficulties watching the video, you can review the PowerPoint presentation below.

2. Open the link to Lexis-Nexis Academic (provided on this page).

    Sign in with your Lehman Login (instructions are in this guide under "Remote Access" tab; please make sure your Lehman Login is working!)

3. Enter the answers to the questions on the Worksheet, SAVE the Worksheet Document, and SUBMIT the Assignment on BlackBoard.

4. PRINT the completed Assignment Document and bring it to class.


If you have any questions or problems,  please e-mail Prof. Martha Lerski

Video Tutorial on Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier

Worksheets for Assignments and Activities

Complete this worksheet that is posted on BlackBoard. Submit it as an Assignment on BlackBoard. Print and bring a paper copy to class. Click on "Enable Editing" at the top of the Word document in order to type in the form.

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Click on this link to open Lexis-Nexis Academic database:

PowerPoint Presentation on Lexis-Nexis Company Dossier