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10th Annual Student Scholarship Showcase - How to Submit to Academic Works: Home

Annual Student Scholarship Showcase

Students whose scholarship is accepted for the Annual Student Scholarship Showcase at Lehman College are encouraged to submit their work to CUNY Academic Works.

What is CUNY Academic Works?

CUNY Academic Works is an online repository of research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the CUNY community. All content in CUNY Academic Works is freely available to everyone, and if someone searches your name or research topic using Google, there’s a good chance your work will be in the search results!

Students are the copyright holders of their work.

Academic Works is a permanent institutional archive; works cannot be changed or removed. Please check with your faculty advisor to see if there are any issues with sharing your work online. 

Below are Instructions for to self-submit your work.

Prepare to Submit to Academic Works

The submission process consists of the following steps:

  • Create an Account  with your Lehman or CUNY email address if this your first time submitting content
  • Login to CUNY Academic Works  
  • Read and accept the Submission Agreement
  • Provide information about yourself and any co-authors, as well as the work
  • Upload your electronic file and associated files, if any

For each work, we recommend you have the following: (1) title, (2) brief, informative abstract, (3) descriptive keywords (max. 10), and (4) an electronic copy of the file.

File Sizes and Types

CUNY Academic Works can accept files of any type (PDFs, powerpoints, image files, etc.) and of any sizeOf course, it’s best for each file to be in the appropriate format for its content:

  • If the work is an article, chapter, or other textual work, submit it as a PDF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file. CUNY Academic Works will convert .rtf, .doc, and .docx files to PDF and also create CUNY-branded cover pages for these works.
  • If the work is a slideshow, data set, or other kind of non-textual work, submit the file in whatever format makes the most sense for the work (e.g., PowerPoint, Excel, CSV).
  • Posters: submit as .PDF

CUNY Academic Works does not stream audio or video content, but can embed streaming content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo so users can preview the content before downloading the file.

Quick Instructions


Questions ?

Contact at Leonard Lief Library:

Prof. Madeline Cohen

Prof. Jennifer Poggiali