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Human Library at Lehman College: Spring 2018 Human Books

The Human Library brings together the Lehman College Community to enhance experiences of diversity and inclusion. Students share their own stories of inspiration and resilience to break down barriers of stigma, bias, and misunderstanding.

Human Books


LOCATION: Leonard Lief Library - Periodicals Room - Concourse Level

DATE: Thursday, April 26, 2018    TIME: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

FEATURED ON: NEWS 12, THE BRONX and Bronxnet Open 2.0

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Book Shelf of People Standing Next to Each Other


Making Lemonade - A Story of Tragedy to Hope

The ingredients of a young male Bronxite entail his parents being murdered and the passing of his grandfather all before middle school. After he was adopted he received case management counseling and extra school services. Upon entering middle school, as one may imagine, he got into fights, suspensions, and poor grades. Yet, despite these ingredients for disaster, his life's recipe was changed and hope was added as a key ingredient.

Chapter 1: Dealing with death before middle school.  Chapter 2: Middle School challenges.  Chapter 2: Life, change and hope.


Setbacks Lead to Comebacks

I have survived sexual assault, but still face anxiety from time to time. After going to many colleges, trying to figure out my path, I have finally found my purpose in life in helping others.


Unconventional - Tales of Struggle, Survival, and Triumph in My Journey to Self-Love

The road to self-love and acceptance was extremely difficult and painful for me. It was marked by years of extreme self-criticism and even self-loathing. What I came to realize was that the critical voices I "heard" were really the voices of all the people who judged me for wanting to find my own path in life and not following what was considered normal, or conventional.

Chapter 1: childhood, adolescence - struggles with anxiety, bullying, and no family support.  Chapter 2: college years, young adulthood, 20's - severe depression, dropping out of school, moving to another country at 21, marriage, abusive and strained relationships.  Chapter 3: late 20's to present - going back to college, challenges of raising a child, toxic people, healing, finding my voice and advocating for myself.




Orthodox Jew in the City: Religious Professional and Mom


What makes an ultra-religious person different and not-so different from you.



You Can Do it All: Metal Music Scholar, ComicFan/Gamer & Mom


Talking about what it is like to juggle many hats and break stereotypes.




My Cancer Notebook            

2nd Edition

A 19 year old college student is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. To survive, he'll have to drop everything for a year and undergo intensive chemotherapy. He was on one path and is now on another. Where will it take him over his next 19 years?

Chapter 1: What did you just say?  Chapter 2: Searching in the wilderness.  Chapter 3: Making peace, finding meaning.



Life in the Shadows



The story about all the barriers and obstacles a young immigrant student had to break in order to accomplish his goal with stereotypes, racism, bullying, illness, scarcity and more.

Chapter 1: Difficult transitions, moving to a different country, different schools, language barriers, parents divorce

Chapter 2: Scarcity of money, food and clothing, job harassment, college obstacles

Chapter 3: Adapting and leadership potential.