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Online Library Resources: CUNY OneSearch: The library search engine

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CUNY OneSearch is a great tool for searching multiple library resources from one interface. It lets you search in one place for books, articles, DVDs, CDs, and more.

CUNY OneSearch combines in one searchable place these three things: the CUNY library catalog; a massive index of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers; and unique digital content from CUNY libraries.

You can start searching right from here:

Use OneSearch if you:

  • are looking for a specific title, whether an article or a book,
  • want a combination of books, articles, ebooks, etc. on a topic, or
  • are just starting your research.

However, if you:

  • want specialized information sources within a discipline or academic field, search one of our specialized databases, or browse through our online journals.
  • are an undergraduate and want a few articles on a topic for a research paper, you might use Academic Search Complete or another general multi-disciplinary database.