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Goal And Objectives

Goal: Obtain scholarly resources to support your research.


  • Access multidisciplinary databases for articles (i.e. Databases A-Z list and Databases by Subject)
  • Enhance your search skills to get an interesting topic (i.e. craft your keywords, set limiters for full-text, peer-reviewed and timely articles
  • Distinguish valid sources (i.e. scholarly articles, peer-reviewed)

ENG 121 Topics

* Frederick Douglass and the Colombian Orator

* Amy Tan, China, language and customs

* blogging and its history and use for today

* the life of undocumented workers and immigration laws today



1. The situation of Roman Catholics and the Irish was a subtheme in Learning to Read and Write. Trace every mention of it in the text. How does this theme relate to African American Slavery. Locate the Columbian Orator and search about Sheridan and the speeches about slavery.

2. Research the customs and the historical periods portrayed in The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and compare some of the aspects of the movie to the short story Mother Tongue by Amy Tan.

3. Find out the history of blogging. When did it start, do we know how many blogs there are? Do you agree with Andrew Sullivan in his essay Why I Blog. Pick a blog and follow the blog and post to the blog and tell of the iportance of the blog.

4. What is happening today about immigration laws? What is the Dream Act? Who are the Dreamers. CUNY students went on a hunger strike to get the Dream Act passed, find out the outcome of the hunger strike. Discuss the article My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant and 



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