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LEH354-R01 "Empires and Imperialism: Power, Conflict, and Resistance in World History: Books

Resources for exploring the histories and cultures of great empires from ancient times to the present and their roles in defining world history.

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Subject Headings


Colonies  -- History

Colonies - Africa - 19th Century

Africa - Colonization

Africa - History - 1884 - 1918

Colonization -- History

Imperialism --History

India --History -- British Occupation, 1765-1947

Indian Ocean Region - History

Great Britain --Colonies -- Race Relations

Peru -- History --Conquest, 1522-1548

Charles V Holy Roman Emperor, 1500-1558

Mongol Empire, 1206-1502

Genghis Khan (1162?-1502)

30 B.C.-284 A.D      (dates for Roman Empire)



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