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E-Books: Reading and Downloading: Introduction

This guide will teach you how navigate, read, and download books from the Library's subscription e-book providers.

What Is ebrary?

More than 36,000 titles from publishers such as Cambridge, Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Yale University Presses; Wiley; Palgrave-Macmillan; Taylor & Francis

Download full text:

  • Requires Adobe Digital Editions
  • Compatible with SONY Reader, Nook, Pandigital Novel
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through Bluefire Reader app (free)
  • Patron can check out ten books at a time - items loan for 14 days

Download chapter or page range:

  • PDF format
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Usually limited to 60 pages from one book

Find them in OneSearch, Library Catalog or from

ebrary Allows You To:

  • Read e-books online (without downloading)
  • Download e-books to your computer (directions)
  • Download e-books to your iPad, iPhone, or Android Phone (directions)
  • Download e-books to a mobile device or e-reader (directions)
  • Save, bookmark, and annotate e-books

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