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LEH352-XM81 Memoir Workshop: Sections of the Library

Exploring background research possibilities to help in memoir writing about topics .

Virtual Library Tour

Picture of the reference desk at the Leonard Lief Library

Reference Desk

Need help with research? Don’t like the search results you’re getting? Can't find that book you are looking for? Have any kind of question about information? Just stop by the reference desk. Librarians are there to help.

Picture of the Circulation Desk in the Library

Circulation Desk

The circulation desk is right by the main entrance, adjacent to the reserve desk. Circulation is where you check out, return, and renew materials. It's on the first floor.

Amateur photo of reserve desk

Reserve Desk

This is where you can borrow textbooks and required reading for classes. It's on the first floor. Not all class textbooks are available. Reserve books are checked out for two hours, cannot be taken out of the library, and carry high late fees.

Picture of the Computer Lab in the Library

Computer Lab

Computers are available on every floor. There are Apple computers on the main floor. The rest are PCs. There is a computer lab in the basement. The computers do not require a login and are first come/first served. Students print using their Lehman email accounts, which is also used for wifi access. 

Picture of the stacks in the Leonard Lief Library


The stacks are self-service aisles of bookshelves where users can browse and locate books themselves. Lehman's stacks hold about 370,000 volumes. The stacks fill the second and third floors. The stacks on the first floor offer reference books, which are non-circulating (i.e., they cannot be checked out).

Photo of study area in library with unoccupied tables and chairs

Study Areas

There are study areas on all four floors. Both individual and group study tables are available. The second and third floors are designated quiet areas.