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English 121 - Chavez: Search Terms


Analysis – breaking the “big picture” into its proper parts; dividing a topic into subtopics of inquiry; dividing a problem into its sub-problems.

Breaking the "big picture" into its proper parts. 

How to Develop Keywords

Refining Your Topic / Picking Search Terms

Tips on Selecting Search Terms:
1. What discipline are you interested in? Try adding the discipline to your search. For example, if you are interested in "Violence" you might add the discipline "Criminal Justice".
2. Who is the intended audience for the argument you are making? Suggestions: Teachers, Nurses, Physicians, Accountants. Use a term to define the field or profession you are addressing.
3. Find your "ideal" article on your topic using several keywords you have thought of. Look at the Subject Words that are used by the database to describe this article. Try another search using some of these Subject Words.
4. Use the "lingo" of the discipline you are interested in. Look at the Thesaurus of Subject Terms list in the database to select terms. There is usually a tab indicating this list on the Search page of the database.

How to Search Using Keywords