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Law: Web

Need reputable websites to find more legal information?

Searches using Google or other search engines can be used to find websites but it is up to you to evaluate the content for its accuracy or value. The sites listed below may be useful to you during your research.

Looking for Websites focused on the Federal Courts?

Using the Web for Research

Legal News

Get the latest news from a Web-based legal news and real-time legal research service.

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Google Search

Google results are only as good as your search.

To focus your search connect your search terms with "AND".

To broaden your search connect your search terms with "OR".

To limit your search results to non-commercial sites add "and site:gov OR site:edu OR site:org" to your search.

Be a better Googler: 15 tips and tricks.

Wikipedia Search

Not an academic source, but a good starting point for an overview of a topic. Reliable references may be found at the end of articles.