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BBA 407 Library Assignment - by Prof. Madeline Cohen: Remote Access

Assignment-specific Guide for BBA407

For help with your Lehman Login

You must have a current Lehman Login* to sign into Lexis-Nexis Academic database outside of the library.

For help setting up your Lehman Login, or re-setting your password, go to the IT Help Desk in Carman Hall, Room 108, or the IT Help Desk in the Library.

* Lehman Login will be the same for Printing, WiFi, Remote Access to library databases, and e-mail if you register your account on

Lehman Login

LEHMAN LOGIN   is Used For:

·     E-Mail 

·     Printing on campus

·     Wi-Fi Access

·     Remote Access to Library Databases

Username:  Firstname.Lastname (same as email account)

Password Default:

Initials in CAPS, followed by Year and Month of Birth,

Middle 2 Digits of EMPL ID (from CUNYFirst)

   e.g. for Jane Doe: JDYYMM##


*Register Your Account and Change Password here: