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Sociology: Books


Search the CUNY+ Online Catalog to find books, multimedia materials, and other resources.

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How to Look Up a Book in the Library Catalog

Books vs. E-books

Sociology Books in the Library

Sociology books are located on the 3rd floor north side.

Look for the HM call number, which is General Sociology.

Stacks Directory

A, B, C, D 2nd Floor South
E, F 2nd Floor North
G, GV, H, J 3rd Floor North
K 3rd Floor South - East
L 3rd Floor South (Education)
M1 – M2198 2nd Floor North (Fine Arts)
ML1 – MT1375 2nd Floor North
N 2nd Floor North
P 3rd Floor North
Q, R, S, T, U, V 3rd Floor South - East
Z 3rd Floor South

QR Codes in the Library Stacks

The Library recently introduced QR codes in the Book Stacks.  

They are located on the front side of shelves in a specific subject area, such as Art. Simply scan these codes into your mobile device, then your are guided to a subject-specific Research Guide on our website.

Books: More Video Tutorials

Watch more videos related to finding books:

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