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iPad: Tips and tricks

10 Great Keyboard Shortcuts

10 useful shortcuts that will help you type faster using the on-screen keyboard. Created by:

Tip #1: If you want to type special characters with accent marks (like the letters à or è), simply tap and hold the corresponding alphabet key for a while and it will pop-up a list of related accented characters for you to choose from. Don’t release the key before making a selection else the choices will disappear.

Tip #2: When you are done typing a sentence, double-tap the space bar on the keyboard and it will automatically insert a dot (or period) followed by a space. The next alphabet that you type will be written in uppercase without you having to press the Shift key.

Tip #3: The iOS keyboard is pretty smart at adding apostrophes. For instance, if you need to type “doesn’t”, just forget the apostrophe and quickly type “doesnt” – the keyboard will automatically insert the apostrophe at the appropriate place. You can also press and hold the comma key to get the apostrophe without switching to the numeric keyboard.

Tip #4: The numeric keyboard (.?123) on your iOS device shows the dollar ($) symbol by default. However, if you need to type the Pound or the Euro currency symbol, just hold the $ key and you’ll see a long list of alternative currency symbols.

Tip #5: If you want to change the style of quotation marks or need to use a longer dash punctuation mark instead of the default hyphen, press and hold the corresponding key.  For typing the degree symbol in your email message, switch to the numeric keyboard and hold the ’0′ key for a while.

Tip #6: Typing the whole sentence in capital letters is often considered rude but there can be instances where you may have to type a word or two in uppercase.

In the default setting, you’ll to have to tap the Shift key after typing every single character or you can “Enable Caps Lock” under Settings –> General –> Keyboard and then double-tap the shift key to turn it into a Caps lock key. They will stay dark until you press the key again.

Tip #7: While you are inside the Safari browser, type only the domain name and then press and hold the dot (.) key. It will offer you an option to add popular domain extensions (or TLD) like .com, .org or .net to your web address with a tap.

Tip #8: You can also use the dot key in the Mail app of your iPhone or iPad to type email addresses quickly. While typing an email address in Mail, press and hold the dot (.) key and you’ll get a list of domain extension to auto-complete your email address.

Tip #9: You can split the iPad keyboard into two and type faster with both your hands while holding the device. While the on-screen keyboard is visible, press and hold the keyboard icon in the lower right and choose the Split option. If the option isn’t available on your iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and toggle the Split Keyboard option.

Tip #10: Here’s another useful but undocumented keyboard trick that will help you quickly switch between numerical (123) and alphabetical (ABC) keyboards on your iOS device.

Neat tricks and shortcuts

1. Taking Screenshots

a. Press Home and the on/off button simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically appear among your photos. Use these screenshots to create tutorials for your students. Many apps allow you to pull images from your Camera/Photo Roll so screenshots come in very handy to use when Screencasting or Digital Storytelling.


2. Copying and Saving an image from the Internet

a. Goto your favorite browser on your iPad. Search for an image you would like to save or copy into another application. Touch and hold on the image until ` you see Save Image or Copy. If you choose to Save Image, it will be stored in your Camera/Photo roll.


3. Shaking your iPad to undo

a. Bet you did not know this one! Simply shaking the iPad will undo your last action. Shake it again for Redo.


4. Home Screen Pinch

a. You must have multitasking gestures enabled to have this work. Use four or five fingers to pinch to go back to the home screen.


5. Multi-tasking bar

a. Have multitasking gestures enabled and when you do a 4-finger sweep upit will unveil all of your open apps. You can also double click on the home button and it will do the same thing. It is like your Alt~tab on your Windows machine.


6. Gesture Assistance

a. You can access many gestures via Settings > General > Accessibility >Assistive Touch Now tap the white circle that has appeared at the lower right to get menus for all the gestures, now accessible to you by a single tap This trick is one of the great workarouhds for a faulty home button.


b. Once you have turned this feature oh, you can create your own gestures!


7. Screen Orientation Lock and Mute

a. Are you tired of your screen reorlenting when you are walking around and teaching with your Pad'? Would you like to Mute your iPad?


b. First you need to go to Settings > General and under "Use Side Switch To" choose Lock Rotation or Mute.


c, Then by your volume button there is a switch which either acts as a mute control or a screen orientation lock. Lock this to mute your iPad or to lock your orientation.


8. Splitting text screen with Thumbst

a. When you are typing and you want to quickly split your text screen lust spread it to the sides with your thumb There is also a button where you can do this in the lower right of the text screen In your settings, you are able to turn the splitting of the text screen on or off.


9. Creating an icon on your iPad home screen for your favorite web site.

a. Open up Safari or another browser on your iPad Navigate to your favorite web page or site and to the immediate left of the address bar. you'll see an arrow icon, press it, and you'll get a dropdown with the option to "Add to Home Screen." You can even rename the icon whatever you want, and you'll have one-click access to that page right from the Home screen.


10. Find my iPhone (it works for iPads too)

a. This once required a paid MobileMe subscription, but now all you need is an Apple ID Download it for free in the App Store, follow the set-up instructions and you can view your iPad on a map from your computer or cell phone,


b. The iPad does have to be connected to a registered Wi-Fi network


c. You can use the app to remotely display a message play a tone, set a passcode, lock the device, or wipe its data-all things that can help you figure out where your missing iPad is hiding out.


d. BUT, if someone wipes your iPad this will not work.


Melissa White, Michigan State University, 2012