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Public Health: Videos: Searching ProQuest Public Health

Resources for courses in Public Health program

How to Search ProQuest Public Health--PowerPoint

PowerPoint illustrating how to access and search ProQuest Public Health using the Advanced Search feature.  PowerPoint covers how to broaden or narrow your search results; access full text and save results.

Tutorial on ProQuest Public Health

Use this tutorial to search ProQuest Public Health, a ProQuest database designed to be the ideal starting point for public health information and research.  ProQuest Public Health contains journal articles, reports, trade publications, full-text dissertations and newspaper articles. 

Subject coverage: Nutrition and Dietetics; Physical fitness and hygiene; Population studies; Social services and welfare; Statistics; Biology - genetics; Drug abuse and alcoholism; Special education and rehabilitation; Environmental studies; Industrial health and safety; Communicable diseases; Allergology and immunology; Nurses and nursing; and Pediatrics.

Original Creator

The PowerPoint presentation and video tutorial was originally created by Tamara Townsend in the 2014-2015 academic year.