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Childhood Education: Browsing the Lehman Juvenile Collection

This guide provides an overview of childhood education resources located through the Leonard Lief Library at Lehman College.

The Lehman Juvenile Collection

Browsing the books in the Juvenile Collection at Lehman College is one way to find books in the collection. Using the guide below can help you locate the book that you need. You can also search the catalog to search for fiction books on topics of interest to your students.

Browsing the Juvenile Collection


Within each classification number (e.g. PZ7) works are organized by the author’s last name.

Classification Number Contents
PZ 7 Fiction by authors whose first works were published between 1870 and 2014
PZ 7.1 Fiction by authors whose first works are published in 2015 and beyond
Other PZ Class. Numbers Contents
PZ 5  Collections of works by different authors
PZ 7.5  Novels in verse
PZ 8    Traditional fairy tales
​PZ 8.1  Folklore and legends
PZ 8.2  Fables
PZ 8.3  Nursery rhymes and stories in rhyme
Higher PZ numbers  Juvenile fiction in languages other than English


Classification Number Contents
A General works
B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C Auxiliary sciences of history
D World history and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
E & F History of the Americas
G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
H Social sciences
J & K Political science & Law
L Education
M  & N Music & Fine arts
P Language and literature (Criticism, Plays, Short Stories, Poetry)
Q Science
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology
U  & V       Military science & Naval science
Z   Bibliography. Library science. Information resources

Award-winning Books Gold dot on the spine

Books with Spanish Green dot on the spine

Graphic Novels Graphic novels and comics are classified in the Lehman Collection in the Juvenile Graphic section. This section is shelved by the Library Education office (Room 318).

Bilingual-Bicultural Literacy Collection Books are shelved in the first shelf range of the Juvenile Collection.

Wordless Picture Books Books are on a shelf on the north wall of the Juvenile Collection.

Holiday Books Books are shelved on the north wall of the Juvenile Collection.

Realistic Fiction Books are shelved on the north wall of the Juvenile Collection.

Historic Children’s Books Books are shelved on the north wall of the Juvenile Collection.