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Library of Congress Classification (LC)

Information on how you can find books in the Library using Library of Congress Classification (LC).

A- General Works




Subclass AC

AC1-999  Collections.  Series.  Collected works

AC1-195  Collections of monographs, essays, etc.

AC1-8    American and English

AC9-195  Other languages

AC200    Collections for Jewish readers

AC801-895 Inaugural and program dissertations

AC901-995 Pamphlet collections

AC999     Scrapbooks


Subclass AE

AE1-(90) Encyclopedias

AE5-(90) By language


Subclass AG

AG2-600  Dictionaries and other general reference works


Subclass AI

AI1-21 Indexes


Subclass AM

AM1-(501)   Museums.  Collectors and collecting

AM10-100   By country

AM111-160  Museology.  Museum methods, technique, etc.

AM200-(501) Collectors and collecting


Subclass AN

AN Newspapers

Subclass AP


AP1-(271) Periodicals

AP101-115 Humorous periodicals

AP200-230 Juvenile periodicals

AP(250)-(265) Periodicals for women

AP(270)-(271) Periodicals for Blacks



Subclass AS

AS1-945 Academies and learned societies

AS2.5-4 International associations, congresses, conferences, etc.

AS11-785 By region or country


Subclass AY

AY10-2001 Yearbooks.  Almanacs.  Directories

AY10-29   Annuals

AY30-1730 Almanacs

AY2001    Directories

          Class directories by subject in B-Z


Subclass AZ

AZ(20)-999 History of scholarship and learning.  The humanities

AZ101-(181) Philosophy.  Theory

AZ191-193  Evaluation

AZ200-361  History

AZ501-908  By region or country


Class A - General Works Outline