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Art and Art History: Researching Contemporary Art

Step One: OneSearch

Use this search box to find books, articles, ebooks, and media.

What am I searching?

If you can't find anything by using your artist's name, try...

  • Searching by the name of a movement or style associated with the artist
  • Searching for books by using the keywords "art 21st century" and adding in a nationality, geographical region, ethnic group, or country name. For example, "art 21st century Chinese" or "art 21st century Indic" (for Indian)


  • You can look for books at other CUNY campuses by clicking the "All CUNY" link next to the search box
  • You can order books from other CUNY's by clicking the "Request" button

Step Two: Databases

Several of our best sources for art and art historical information are not included in OneSearch. If you're coming up short with OneSearch, definitely try these databases:


  • Articles that are not available in full-text at our library may be ordered using Inter-Library Loan. Orders can take as little as a few days to arrive. Create your account and use the "Request item via ILL" link to order directly from a database.

Step 3: Search the Web


  • You can limit searches to museums and other not-for-profits by adding to a Google search.
  • The websites below are excellent sources for information on contemporary art. Try searching them for your artist's name.

Art Magazines Available at Lehman