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DFN 348/448: Nutrition in the Management of Disease I & II: Search examples

Subject Terms to Try

1.   (Disease name) and nutritional aspects;
       EX. Diabetes and nutritional aspects

2.   Diet therapy   OR   Dietetics   OR   Diet in Disease   OR   Nutrition
      (combined with) names of diseases       EX.  hypertension, cancer, etc.

3.   Nutrition Therapy   OR   Diet Therapy   OR   Nutritional Support   OR   Enteral Nutrition   OR   Parenteral   Nutrition      
     (MEDLINE or PubMed)

     (combined with)   names of diseases       EX.  hypertension, cancer, etc

4.   Diet therapy   OR   Food and Nutrition  (Health Reference Center)
   (combined with )   disease or person   -   HIV Infections, HIV patients, etc.